And with that, WordPress is gone from I've been playing with a test install of grav on a subdomain for a hot minute, and decided to put it into action. Still need to set up something to automagically post to Fedi when a new entry comes up, but the goal is for me to put my longer form thoughts here, and keep my short shit posting there while notifying you all when I post something new here. I know there are some new tools you can hand an rss feed to and they'll make an account that posts whenever there's a new thing in the feed, but feed2toot has been working okay for the RP account for a hot minute now, so I might see if I can get that to work with Sharkey too. If it can, that might be best because then it's something hosted by me instead of at the mercy of if someone can afford to keep it up and running (including growing pains on the server if it becomes popular).

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