Since migrating this blog over to Grav, I've gone on to move a couple of other projects over as well. The last few days I've spent editing child themes to make things look nice, cursing the people who insist on peppering their css with !important for no good reason that I can see, making my life more difficult as I have to weed out where and why, so that I can also override their bullshit with my own !importants. That said, I have been pretty pleased that I'm finding out how to make Grav do what I want it to do.

Some of the plugins require some trial and error to figure out how they work, because as most free coding projects on the web go, the documentation can be a bit lacking. One of the plugins I grabbed for the diesel punk/steampunk game that I'm trying to get rolling with a couple friends admits that it was created for the author's personal site, and they figured what the hell, they could attempt to clean it up and release it for others if they wanted it. I did manage to get it up and running with a little effort, so now we have the ability to show nice bio pages. I should see if there's a way to allow the bio page to also show the author's posts, but I'm satisfied with what I have for now.

I also just spent entirely too much time going back through my archives here and adding a description meta tag to each blog post, so that there's a summary for each entry now and an image related to the post if the post includes images. I fiddled around with a plugin that's supposed to help handle that on one of the other installs, but I didn't see the plugin bringing me anything useful that I couldn't do with the base features of Grav already. I'm not sure if the plugin existed before Grav added functionality to their core, or if there's just something I'm missing about the plugin that adds value to it. No big either way.

I am a little irritated over how Discord caches meta data when it pulls it for the preview cards, so as I was tweaking things while going through my archive I couldn't force it to re-pull the data if I had to fix something. I get that caching is usually good, but when you're working on something like this and you can't force things to check for fresh data it can get frustrating. There's probably a website I could use to check it instead, but I didn't go digging yet.

It has been nice to get to be productive with website shit again though. I need to get my ass in gear and start on the udemy courses I have waiting though. I tried an alternative and bounced right off it because even though the format was working of me, the course materials themselves were too threadbare. They didn't spend enough time practicing materials and the site actually said "if you're not getting it, just go back and start the course over" and like, no, my dude, no. Your job as the people charging me money for your course, is to ensure that you're actually teaching me shit. Making me do the course multiple times to retain what you're supposed to be teaching me, instead of building practice into the course, is not actually serving me. You don't get my money if you're gonna half ass this shit. So I get to go back to the dude who talks too slow, but when I speed the video up so he talks at a normal speed, I'll occasionally get frustrated because he's doing things at normal speed and with the video sped up, means that if I trip over something, I'm now half a video behind. The joys of being neurospicy in a world that doesn't give a fuck about accommodations, right?

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