So, the latest in the world wide webs is that Electric Car Thomas Edison has taking hold of Twitter’s controls and pointed the nose straight for the ground. Everyone’s running around trying to communicate their evacuation points to all their friends before it gets to the point where communication is impossible — where everyone is going varies for any number of reasons. I’ve mostly settled on Pillowfort and Mastodon for now; both have their pros and cons, and honestly while I do hold my standards above what Facebook (and Insta) can reach, my standards for social media is fairly low.

I don’t have any real expectations of privacy, which means being on a Mastodon instance run by some stranger isn’t super worrying for me as long as I can block people if they’re assholes, and as long as the admin doesn’t go mad with power and block other instances I want to communicate with. As my main account is on, it should stay pretty okay aside from the growing pains as I believe it’s the largest instance at this point. I set up a secondary account for Emperor stuff on a small instance that someone randomly rolled into the replies of a Twitter mutual asking if there was a Star Wars mastodon instance yet, but there’s like 5 accounts there right now and I suspect half the fedverse feed for it is because of the off-instance follows I did immediately after creating the account. We’ll see in time if it grows and if this random stranger runs an okay instance or if I’ll need to shop for a different one to move to.

I was happy to find a WordPress plugin that will automagically post to Mastodon for me, so I just need to figure out something to automagically post to Pillowfort, and then my intermittent musings and bullshit are being pushed to all my socials again. I think I need to poke at diaspora and tumblr though, as I think both of those may have broken at some point. D* probably just needs to be logged in again, no idea about tumblr though, it might actually be working and I just look at it so infrequently I just can’t remember.

All that to say, the biggest disadvantage of Pillowfort at this point is also one of its charms — it’s still pretty small. It looked like they just dropped the rolling waitlist feature, which they chose to fast track because of Twitter going down like the fucking Hindenburg, but overall they’re not really supported by a lot of cross posting and integrations shit because they’ve been invite only until the rolling waitlist feature got finished. Invites aren’t horrific to come by, and I can usually give mine away when I post them on twitter, but not everyone was finding one when they wanted it and couldn’t/wouldn’t donate to get one. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep up with the growth okay. I like the way the site works even if it isn’t super active yet.

I’ve been pondering setting up a pi-hole, since I’ve got a raspi kicking around that I had been kinda using as a file server, but not really. It would be more helpful cutting off intrusive ads, and hopefully letting me ease off using NoScript. Don’t get me wrong, I love NoScript, but with how many fucking third-party websites some site use to get their shit working, and how hard it is to tell the ones that actually do a useful thing from the ones serving me ads and trying to track what I’m up to, it would be kinda nice to not have to lean as much on it. We’ll see if I find spoons to allocate to the project. Maybe over Turkey weekend, since I stay home the whole time to avoid the Capitalistic gluttony. We’ll see.

I need to pay with the new WP theme they dropped with the 6.1 release, and see if I like it better than whatever the fuck it is I’m using now. And I need to update my Socials menu so I have them all listed in one place again. Tempted to make a dedicated page and style it similar to that Link Tree shit. I want to say I read bad things about the link tree service, but fuck if I remember what, and if I’m already self hosting my own shit, why not spin up my own thing anyway?

Anyhow, if you’ve made it this far, I might as well tell you (remind you?) that I have both a red bubble: and an inprnt: where you can buy my art if you’re so inclined.

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