It’s been a while since I’ve really done much art, especially the analog sort, but most of these are from the figure drawing classes I took in the early aughts, though there are a couple of things from the same time done outside of class.

Contains nudity.

A drawing of a blue nude woman with exaggerated elf ears and flame red-orange hair in a ponytail A drawing of a faceless elf with exaggerated ears, pink-purple hair, and green and brown clothes that look appropriate for adventure. A quick pencil drawing of a woman from the back, her hair pulled up into a doubled ponytail A drawing of a woman from the back from the mid-back downward, wearing a corset, thong, and back seamed nylons A foot in a slide on high heel, wearing cuban heeled nylons A quick rough drawing of a princess style ball gown A blue pencil sketch of a nude woman reaching and looking upward, with spot color of red hair and trill spots A color pencil drawing of Eeyore as a backback, wearing a yellow ribbon around his neck A blue pencil drawing of a woman kneeling and tilting her head down, colored in with water color pencils. Her skin is very pink, her hair is very green A pencil drawing of a woman with dreadlocks held back by goggles, she's wearing a cropped tank top with SUBMIT printed across the chest, a usb drive clipped to one strap. She is carrying a messenger bag and the handle of a sword is visible above her left shoulder A back view of a nude woman with long curly black hair, black cat ears and a matching tail. She's got the tail in her left hand as her right hand holds her left arm near the elbow A charcoal sketch of a man with one arm stretched up behind his head, his other tucked with his hand under his chin, and his hair in a man bun, the charcoal is used to dramatically emphasize his lighting contours A highly stylized drawing of a woman sitting with her legs tucked up next to her and her arm stretched up behind her head A drawing of a faceless woman looking off to one side, colored with red and orange water color pencils with a touch of cross hatching along the edges. A green hand from another drawing overlaps her stomach A profile view of a woman with elf ears and a pointed nose, her long wavy hair is pulled over her far shoulder. She has a butterfly on her hip and a bracelet on her wrist

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