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I have a pinterest board for house day dreaming. It started from a concept version of a shipping container home back before the trend kinda took over everywhere and then got push back as the fucking bougie asses jumped on tiny homes as a way to make more money, taking them out of the reach of those of us who were just trying to make a home in this fucked up world. I'd pinned a bunch of stuff on this board: shipping container concepts ranging from one to multi container set ups, a lot of house bleeds into the garden living concepts, a lot of stuff about being space efficient and clever tricks, and just cool whimsy shit that I'd love to have in my home, mixed in with the occasional indulgence that wouldn't fit in tiny home concepts like multi-story libraries and shit. More recently, I started pinning pre-fab housing floor plans as well, some of which can still be very space efficient, but I just realized something.

My ideal fucking home concept is a brutalist monster, set in the middle of a lot of lush plant life, with like a huge ass wall of just stained glass. Maybe somewhere close enough to the ocean you can actually see it.

I need to unfuck a lot of shit before I could even start to try to figure out if this is something I could do, but I would fucking kill for one that's got the main living/entertaining space with the before mentioned stained glass window two stories high, the kitchen is like highly washable durable metal everything, the bedrooms (main and a guest, probably) in a second level that's open to the living/entertaining space. There would probably be like an art/workshop space somewhere. A patio or whatever on the other side of the huge stained glass window. Not sure if the window would like be a recognizable pattern, or just bright colors in very abstract shapes.

Going even further, I'd love it if there was a way for the kitchen to bleed into the outdoor space. Like maybe a large window that opens across a prep area, a range and grill/oven type things in the outdoor space as well, maybe? Could be on the side of the house and the patio could wrap around to the back with the stained glass. Work in a water feature maybe too? Or at least a way for rainwater to be fun and decorative when it runs off the roof.

And like, I don't even know if it's viable, but could I use the Roman concrete recipe with the salt water for all the brutalist concrete bits of my hypothetical house, please?

Honestly, I could probably spend a while roughing out concepts, and part of me wants to wander this path, and part of me is so fucking bleak about the outlook of things that I'm not even sure if I should bother because the chances of me being able to make this monster feels like zilch. sigh At least I have a written sketch to start from if I manage to start unfucking myself enough, yeah?

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