A set of copper gaming dice sitting on a black pouch on top of a wood surface A ladybug on the top of the side of a yellow plastic slide on a play structure Ants on some purple wildflowers A rock formation at the edge of a beach, seaweed on the smaller rocks at the water's edge and a lone seagull on top of the largest rock looking out over the water A cake shaped like an octopus sits on a white plate on top of a cooling rack and cutting board, behind it is a white pitcher, another cutting board, and some wine bottles A black cat pounces on a purple toy mouse in front of a bookcase, her food and water tray, and a scratching post A view from the east bay hills looks out toward the bay. Karl the Fog has half consumed the Golden Gate Bridge and is creeping past Alcatraz Looking up into the canopy of a tree with leaves that are red, orange, and gold A spider made of green and white beads hangs from the bottom of a paper lampshade Smith, the percussionist of BABYLAND, is framed by some metal pipes to the right as Dan, the singer, crouches on top of something, holding a microphone and looking right into the camera. The walls behind them are covered in graffiti

Going with the easy content option again, here’s another batch of calendar images from the same year as the BABYLAND set I shared. Missing a couple images here, as I’d included one of the images also in the BABYLAND calendar, and there was one image with my niece and my then boyfriend’s son.

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