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I <3 BABYLAND logo 1989–2009 drawn on the inside of a wrist Smith, the percussionist, sitting to the left of the picture behind a beat up black metal oil drum, tall metal poles or something in the center, and Dan, the singer, holding a microphone and a spray air freshener. On the wall behind them is a big sign that says NO STAGEDIVING surrounded by a lot of colorful graffiti An off-white teddy bear being held up in front of a graffiti covered wall A bright shower of sparks extend from the center of the picture and are largely pointed to the right, in the background is a human shaped blur illuminated by only the sparks, and some computer lights make a pattern from the long exposure and the jitter of the camera Smith, the percussionist playing a large brass instrument, probably a tuba? Surrounded by a metal oil drum and some pipes is a well worn black and yellow sticker that says TECHNOLOGY WORKS at the top and bottom, with four W arranged like a compass rose Smith, the percussionist, looking shocked as he holds a toy rotary saw against his arm near a scar. On the wall behind him are tshirts for sale, a red Bloodysnowman and a black BABYLAND one Dan, the singer, holding a green plush frog purse with his eyes closed and looking contenplative Smth, the percussionist, passionately providing supporting vocals to a song with a microphone that's suspended above his percussion station Dan, the singer, in profile as he wears a pink shirt, sprays an air freshener, and holds a microphone A half torn off Rock The Vote sticker on a blue plastic oil drum Metal pipes sit in the foreground as Smith lights a road flare with Dan standing to his side, the only light in the picture is the road flare

BABYLAND is one of my favorite bands. I first encountered them while dating a guy who’s better off left unnamed. I was in a shitty place, I made some bad choices, and I honestly didn’t get much good out of the relationship except he introduced me to BABYLAND.

I’ll admit, when I first heard them, I wasn’t sure. They were a little lot outside of the range of what I listened to at the time, but I decided I needed to push my boundaries a bit so I agreed to go to the show. I am very glad I did.

The above images were made into a calendar that I still have tucked away. It was a crappy calendar, I made it while I was still working at OfficeMax — it was printed with white borders, coil bound, and generally cheap looking, but it did a job. I used to make calendars as gifts for friends and family using my photos, at first the crappy OMX calendars, but later when I moved to a real print shop, I made nice ones.

I kinda want to make calendars again, but I don’t really have people I’d want to give them to, and I haven’t been taking much in the way of new pictures lately. I think most of the people I’d want to give them to, I’d have to mail them… and I’m so bad at getting to the post office to ship stuff out. Even when I still had a car, I’d be multiple months into the year the calendar was made for before I’d get them shipped out. And I still have a handful of things I need to send to my ex (not the above mentioned one, but someone I’m still on good terms with).

I still have the images from other calendars I’ve made saved in the groups they were used, so I might share some of them. Some of them feature people in my family, since they were a gift to family, so I’ll either omit those photos, or only share the ones that don’t have family pictures in them. We’ll see.

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