So, on the Discord server where I shoot the shit with a handful of friends, I was talking about how I don’t send and received snail mail anymore. Sure, I get packages when I order stuff online, and bills and donation solicitations and junk mail show up… but no personal letters anymore. I miss the joy from opening up a hand written letter from a friend. My friend who we’ll call Unicorn—because that’s the alias she chooses to go by—mentioned that in the past she’d exchanged a few letters with a friend written as if they’re from fictional characters.

I’ve seen stories written as if they’re letters exchanged between two or more people, I’ve seen stories written as if they’re journals… so why not two people telling a story together by mail? My challenge with this idea is that I don’t have an idea yet for what sort of character/s and settings I think would suit this project. So I guess I’ll just stick a pin in the idea and see what happens.

Short term, I really should order some stamps from the USPS, and write my congress critters again about giving USPS some stimulus funds. I’ve already sent a couple missives via resistbot, and probably should follow up on sending a postcard or physical letter too. Honestly, it would be a serious blow to everything in the US if the USPS was allowed to flounder. If you haven’t yet weighed in on the issue, go yell at your congress critters today, resistbot makes it easy. <3

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