Passion Behind the Deli

So, I recently decided to re-purpose my domain for something roleplay related (project still in early progress, so no idea when it launches), which mean the whole two galleries I’d had up there aren’t posted anymore. So I’m moving those pictures here. I’ll make an effort to post more pictures here too, new stuff that hasn’t been posted anywhere yet. I got a bunch of stuff that I’ve never edited, as well as random crap on my phone. Since I can’t seem to follow through on writing here, maybe I can at least make the space useful for something.

These pictures were taken behind the deli I grew up going to regularly, where one of the houses with a backyard that was backed up to the parking lot behind the building had their passion flowers spilling over the wall. I couldn’t resist taking the pictures. These were taken on an old Casio point and shoot that was probably 3MP? Hella old. I still like the pictures.