Non-Fiction Service Notices


Welp, WP pushed an update that came with a new theme that’s supposed to take advantage of the newer features of their system. So, gonna give this a go. We’ll see if I find enough focus to really play with tweaking it, but for now at least it’s purple. I need to spend a little time finding all the bits I need to target to get the font switched, because I already miss the ubuntu font. >.>

Been having a hard time articulating anything in writing beyond chat, “witty” little quips on the fucking bird site, and my Trek RP lately. Will see if I can find a thread to grasp on that front again. Should start forcing myself to spend time with a notebook on my lunch break or something, and see if that maybe helps. While polishing my writing on my phone or laptop works pretty well, I’ve found that the things I enjoy the results on the most tend to start out their life written on actual paper even if they get a major overhaul before they’re finished, so I need to allocate time to that. I also have a couple of notebooks I bought from Red Bubble like a year ago and still haven’t done anything with… so, yeah.

Speaking of the Red Bubble, I put up some random stuff with my photos on it, but I don’t think I’m marketing anything correctly because the only sales I’ve seen has been the stuff related to my Trek RP — mostly stickers of our logo to crew members. If you’re curious, you can check it out?

Service Notices

Theme Undergoing Repair

So, because I’m a complete n00b, I didn’t realize that I needed to create a child theme instead of modifying directly the theme I’d selected… so when an update was pushed to the theme I’d started from *poof* it was all gone. Annoyingly I’d read up on child themes and thought I should take care of that before the worst happened… and then didn’t make time before an update pushed that did it. Yeah.

So I’ve set up the child theme correctly now, but I haven’t finished correcting it the way I wanted it. So things may be a little messy for the short term here. Sorry!