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  • Art

    It’s been a while since I’ve really done much art, especially the analog sort, but most of these are from the figure drawing classes I took in the early aughts, though there are a couple of things from the same time done outside of class. Contains nudity.

  • 2010 Calendar

    2010 Calendar

    Going with the easy content option again, here’s another batch of calendar images from the same year as the BABYLAND set I shared. Missing a couple images here, as I’d included one of the images also in the BABYLAND calendar, and there was one image with my niece and my then boyfriend’s son.

  • We Want BABYLAND

    We Want BABYLAND

    BABYLAND is one of my favorite bands. I first encountered them while dating a guy who’s better off left unnamed. I was in a shitty place, I made some bad choices, and I honestly didn’t get much good out of the relationship except he introduced me to BABYLAND. I’ll admit, when I first heard them,…

  • Nature Drop

    Nature Drop

  • Daisies


    Playing with the Cover Template on the Twenty Twenty theme. Picture from a random excursion for Ingress purposes a while back.

  • Passion Behind the Deli

    Passion Behind the Deli

    So, I recently decided to re-purpose my domain for something roleplay related (project still in early progress, so no idea when it launches), which mean the whole two galleries I’d had up there aren’t posted anymore. So I’m moving those pictures here. I’ll make an effort to post more pictures here too, new stuff…