So finally got the ActivityPub extension doing what it says it will. Hooray for that. Just had to stumble across someone else having the same issue of it just silently failing, and finally finding a link to someone else who had the issue. Apparently with the way Let’s Encrypt protects files in the .well-known folder, it can lead to a failure for WordPress to redirect webfinger inquiries to the place it moved the file. With how common Let’s Encrypt is these days, you’d think that would be an FAQ for the plugin on how to fix the issue? I’ll have to see if I can submit something to get it added, because I was literally tearing my hair out.

Also gave in and switched to the Twenty Twenty-three theme, but I gotta play with it more so that I’m happy with how it looks. For now there’s a wall of images as a header, and then just all the entries lined up under. Colors are not horrible, but they’re not great, so I’ll play with those too. And I’m gonna have to either play with a child theme or the css to fix the font because either this theme or the block crap only lets you pick from a short curated list and that’s not what I want to use. Blah.

Well, things have been changed, and we’ll see if they end up better as I keep playing with it. Made a post on my masto account asking for help with adding to the webfinger file, so that hopefully I can get it so it’ll return my masto account on in addition to this one when searching for me from a mastodon instance. Fingers crosssed.






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  1. Amy (she/her) Avatar

    @diziara Testing to see if this reply posts a comment to the WordPress even though I have comments turned off.

  2. Amy ☣ Avatar
    Amy ☣

    And does this turn up in my masto notifications?